Monday, January 18, 2010

Company Options

So far the companies I would like to do are: MTV, ESPN, Nat GEO, Animal Planet, Any feedback as to which companies I should do is appreciated.

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  1. Any of those sound totally viable. So far we're doing mostly TV networks, but a couple of us are doing other media distributors.

    If I remember correctly...

    Myself: G4
    Jamie: HGTV
    Chrissy: Nat Geo
    Jaime: Syfy
    Ben: Wired (website)
    Roszena: CTN
    Kyra: Adult Swim

    Your best bet would be whichever network appeals to you the most to do—definitely one you would enjoy rebranding.

    We're aiming to have some rough motion sketches for our next meeting (3-5 second bumps, snipes). If you have a solid direction you want to present the network in, run with it. If you have a few different ideas and want to present some options, that's fine too. (I'm personally reworking G4's logo, so I'll have a few variants of the logo itself to show).

    Hope that helps. If there's anything you want us to look at before next Monday, just let us know. ^^


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