Thursday, February 4, 2010

project 2 options


I'm still open for more options.. but Terminator seems to be the most promising for me right now.


First off, I absolutely love this film, likely because I have an affinity for sci-fi films. That said, the Terminator conceptually offers some interesting room for interpretation. The premise of the film is based on the idea that technology inevitably leads to our own demise. In our constant quest to create better, more sophisticated machines and artificial intelligence, we built a technology that became self-aware. The machines' logic brings them to a decision to destroy the human race (judgement day). However, there is hope. His name is John Connor. He is the leader of a resistance against the machines that will save the human race... if he can survive the assassination attempts sent back in time to destroy him before he is ever born.

There are some interesting concepts at work here. I think one of the main ideas central to the film is the social commentary on power struggle. There is an obvious power struggle between the machines and humans on the surface level, but I think it reaches into deeper realms, one of which being, that no one really has control over events that occur. In our successes of engineering and technological development, we created a monster that was capable of acting on its own logic. In this way, we made a supercomputer (Skynet) that was beyond our own comprehension, and certainly beyond our control.

Another way of looking at this concept is from a historical standpoint. The human race, in this view, operates on natural principles that have a "survival of the fittest" mentality -- an evolutionary undertone. Even before technology, our past is filled with war. Power seeks not only to sustain itself, but to accrue in value. When we create a killing machine capable of thinking and reasoning on its own, we give it the power to seek out tactical advantages as it sees fit. Logic leads these machines to realize that the most logical option is to destroy the problem altogether (humans). You could compare the machines to nuclear missles. We created a weapon so powerful that it ends up destroying our species.

There are other ideas present, as well. Some of these focus on the human element, that, in a seemingly hopeless situation, there is always hope. Never give up. Other areas of focus could be related to time travel, etc.


  1. I think you could really pull something off nice for Terminator. The movies power struggle between man and machine is a great central idea to base a title sequence off of. I think that the power struggle between man and machine would be the best way to create the movie title.


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