Thursday, February 4, 2010

Synopses + Rationales

Idea 1: The Last Dragoon

A PDF of the synopsis can be found here.

One of the main reasons why I would choose to work with TLD as my subject is that it's my own story, and I've taken any opportunities that have arisen to work on and develop it further as part of my work here at Ringling. (The existing draft of the story was actually my final project for Creative Writing.) It is something I'm hoping to eventually see realized in the form of a book, or possibly a movie. This could give me a chance to work some more of my ideas out in yet another physical form.

As the story centers around the ship's crew and the ongoing war in the Mej'rahad [desert], the mood of the titles would be somewhat tense and mysterious, drawing on elements from both the sci-fi and fantasy elements of the story. The setting (and music) would probably be somewhat Middle Eastern. I would also plan to work in parts of the tribunal from Chapter I into the titles. As you're not supposed to see Shin'ryu at first, it would probably be mostly audio with a few hints at visuals.

Idea 2: Ender's Game

A PDF of the synopsis can be found here.

Of the handful of fictional books I have seriously enjoyed reading, Ender's Game is definitely among the top five. The story has multiple levels of depth as the narrative takes you back and forth between the main characters. The setting would be in a spacey kind of 'game grid', using elements from the 'games' Ender and the other children at the Battle School play. The underlying story of the war with the buggers could also be illustrated in some visuals and possibly audio snippets (not unlike the into to the Kilrathi war in the opening titles of Wing Commander). Music would be something dark and orchestral, fairly typical for the type of movie, but not cliché.

As stated in my mass email, I'll have some basic mood material prepared for tomorrow's meeting. Hope to see you all there. Cheers. =P

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